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trianglelab Top quality V6 Nozzle for 3D printers hotend 4pcs/lot 3D printer nozzle for E3D hotend titan extruder prusa i3 mk3

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Introduce the top quality V6 Brass Nozzles

We choose the best materials that we can find on market combined with high precision CNC maching to bring this high quality nozzles.

We strictly following the E-3-D latest drawing to achieve best print result.

The flat surface tip of the nozzle which flattens down the layer is custom machined to each nozzle size.A small nozzle tip gives you high precision,and a wide nozzle tip assists in the smooth printing of larger layers.

All nozzles in the series are now individually identifiable with markings on the flats of the hex head making them even more convenient to work with.See the table on the left for identification.




Every 2lot will receive one tin box pacakge including one Nozzle Spanner.

If you need full size collection of this lovely nozzles click Compared to other cheaper clone versions:

Inspection report of our nozzles:

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