Hair Remover Epilator Natural Face Exfoliator

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“Package size: 16*11.5*2.5cm/6.4*4.6*1\’\’

Specifications: size refers to a set of + corresponding size sandpaper 5 sheets each

Large sandpaper size 7*10.5 small sandpaper size 7*3.1

1. Superfine sandpaper easily removes hair. Both the face and the body can be easily removed

2. No pain, no itching, no toxicity, no harm to the skin

3. Easy to use, easy to use, ready to use

4. Small finger cots are used on the face; large finger cots are applied to the body

5. Stick the sandpaper on the sticky finger cot, and put it in the face to gently rub it on the face, which can play the role of hair removal.”


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