AuQuest Peptide Wrinkle Cream 5 Seconds Wrinkle Remover

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If you are looking for an effective, but affordable anti-aging cream, look no further than the AuQuest Wrinkles Cream. It contains a skin-boosting peptides and a powerful antioxidant to improve and promote your skin’s resilience against aging, without blocking your pores and causing breakouts. It has been shown to improve your skin’s firmness and reduce wrinkle depth in as little as 5 Seconds!! This is a huge advantage if you have a special occasion quickly approaching on your calendar( hello spring- time wedding season! ) and if you want to look your absolute best. Package including: One piece of Wrinkle Remover Cream Free shipping

Wrinkles Remover: Provides you a tightening effect & Creates an immediate lifting on the skin! *Cruelty-Free Animal testing in the beauty industry is an international travesty that really shouldn’t be a part of our beauty dialogue anymore. If, like us, the idea of innocent creatures being tortured and even killed for the latest and greatest beauty products makes you angry, look no further than Baebody. *Grease-Free, Lightweight Formula Let’s face, most of the products we pile on our faces night after night feel heavy. Unlike other collagen creams on the market, the AuQuest Wrinkles Cream disappears into your skin because it has a gel-cream texture that is easier and therefore quicker to absorb. This leaves your skin feeling refreshed and restored without the clumpy or greasy residue that is all too common in the skincare department. It is a great choice for people of all skin types (including those with combination or oily skin!).


Instantly reduces wrinkles and puffiness of the eyes with a patented technology that helps you look fresh

and natural in 5 seconds, without having to resort to invasive treatments. Its effect could last up to 8 hours.


1. Reduce wrinkles and eye puffiness temporally in just 5 seconds.

2. Instant effects that lasts up to 8 hours, depending on the person, provides you a tightening effect and

creates an immediate lifting on the skin.

3. Tones and reaffirms the skin, making it look younger.

4. Oil free lightweight formula for all skin types, does not cause acne.

Suitable for:

Eye bags, wrinkles of face, lips and neck, crow\’s feet, dryness around the eyes, dark circles, poor metabolism

of the eyes.

Methods of use:

1. Cleaning skin with warm water.

2. Take an appropriate amount of cream and apply it evenly after toning..

3. Gently push up and massage until absorbed.


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