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ORICO External USB Sound Card Stereo Mic Speaker Headset Audio Jack 3.5mm Cable Adapter Mute Switch Volume Adjustment Free Drive

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There are 4 models for you to choose, please choose suitable model before purchase.

1.SC2 Version:3 Output interface

2-in-1 (Mic&Earphone) * 1 , Microphone * 1 , Earphone * 1


Frequency Range:15Hz – 25KHz

Other functions:Silence switch, Volume adjustment

Cable length: 10cm

2.SKT3 Version: 3 Output interface

2-in-1 (Mic&Earphone) * 1 , Earphone * 1 , Microphone * 1

Cable length: 10cm

(Don’t Support Volume adjustment)

3.SKT2 Version: 2 Output interface

Microphone * 1 , Earphone * 1

Cable length: 10cm

(Don’t Support Volume adjustment)

4.SC2 Sound card + Earphone

Performance And Advantages:

1. LED indicator light show the working status.

2. Support for common speaker or headphones.

3. Free to switch speaker and headphone modes.

4. Directly use USB port, universal plug and play.USB External Driver-free Sound Card

5.Wide Compatibility, Support TRS / TRRS mode.

6.Microphone indicator:The light turns off when the microphone is muted(New and Old version update point, Old version: Red Light When Silence)

Warm Tips : ​The standard of the microphone is OMTP, part of the microphone can’t work if the standard is CTIA, Such as iPhone earphone and the Three-piece headphones.

When use the external USB sound card adapter?

(1). The built-in sound card adapter damaged or malfunction, replace it with ORICO external audio sound card adapter. It will work and improve your experience when you listening music, watching movies or playing games.

(2). 3.5mm headphone or microphone interface of your device stopped working or there is no headphone or microphone interface on your devices. It can extend 3 outputs for your device.

(3). Have an external sound card adapter when you need to connect more than one microphone or headphone on your PC. You can experience a higher level of audio effects through this product.

(4). The input of microphone jack and combo Mic/headphone jack only support mono

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