Face Massager Mini 3D Roller

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Face Massager Mini 3D Roller Facial Massage Full Body Shape Massage 360 Rotate face Lift Wrinkle Remover Relaxation Tool Women


Diamond cutting surface roller.
It is designed for delicate skin, it ensures optimal contact between the roller and the skin at multiple angles.
Differential current bearing.
The handle touches comfortable and is easy to hold. Gently apply pressure for quickly rolling massage. You can enjoy the beauty, massage, face-lift experience in a short time.
Functional effects: mainly for face-lifting, massage, skin care, shaping, promoting facial blood circulation and metabolism so as to delay and improve the natural aging phenomenon such as skin relaxation, wrinkles, stains, eye bags and multiple jaws caused by growth.

Instructions for usage:

Step 1: Use a cleansing brush to clean your face;
Step 2: Massage your skin with a beauty instrument to restore the metabolism of skin cells and promote the increase of collagen in the skin;
Step 3: Use the roller massager to lift and tighten your skin. The skin becomes bright, elastic, and wrinkles are gradually reduced, and your youth is rejuvenated.

Suitable for those people: male and female can use this beauty stick. People who sit in front of computer for a long time and feel pain around their shoulders and feel fatigue. People with fat face, obvious eye grains, many stains, large pores, loose and sagging skins, rough and dull skins.


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