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Hot liitokala 100% New Original NCR18650B 3.7 v 3400 mah 18650 Lithium Rechargeable Battery For Flashlight batteries (NO PCB)

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Dear friend,welcome to LiitoKala Official Store,due to the post raise the shipping cost,it is more expensive than before.we adjust the shipping methods according to the purchase quantity:

1.if you buy 1-2pieces batteries,we will send via China Post Small Packet ,without tracking information,delivery time about 30-60 working days.

2.if you buy over 3pieces batteries,we will send via CDEK ,ePacket or China Post Registered Air Mail,with tracking information,delivery time about 30-60 working days.

Please note this before you make the order,especial less 2 pieces battery,thank you for your understanding.

Dear customer friend, you are welcome to LiitoKala Official Store, some recent customer friend feedback, the purchase of the battery, the charger capacity testing capacity than the previous low, here we make a notice, please friends before buying Carefully read this passage, thank you!

First of all, the type of charger on the market is very much different, with different charger test, the capacity of the display will be different, there is because some countries have become cold, the battery capacity will be affected, the relative Low.

We summarize the feedback of many friends, for this section battery capacity testing, the actual test capacity is 3300-3400mAh, bought friends, if you test the capacity of 3300-3400mAh, please customers not to friends capacity Not enough for the reason, and to our dispute refunds. If you mind, please do not buy! Thank you!

Battery name: LiitoKala

Battery type: NCR18650B

Battery specification: 18.5 * 67.5 (MM)/MM

Battery material: Lithium ion (li-ion ion Battery)

Battery voltage: 3.6 V (V)

The battery internal resistance: 40 m Ω

Nominal capacity: 3300-3400mAh

Actual capacity: 3300-3400mAh

Battery characteristics: voltages, internal resistance, capacity, etc. Are uniformly balanced.

Battery weight: 48.5 g

Maximum continuous discharge current: 4.875 A (ampere) (i.e., temperature of 0 to 40 degrees).

Instantaneous discharge current: 8A (ampere) – 10A (ampere).

Cycle times: 1000 times

Discharge and discharge cut-off voltage standard: charge cutoff voltage 4.2 V (volt), discharge cutoff voltage 2.5 V (V).

The battery is positive: Pointed

Applicable types: flashlight, electronic cigarettes, scooter, LED lamp, miner’s lamp, lighting products, charging treasure, mobile power supply and backup power supply, computer, mobile devices, qi car, bicycle, communications, medical, energy storage, solar power, military industry, etc

NO PCB Protected

​Not AA battery

Model Number

NCR18650B 3400mAh

Nominal Capacity




Set Type

Batteries Only

Replacement Battery




Battery Number



Bundle 1

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