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GD GD900 1g 3g 7g 15g 30G processor CPU Cooler Cooling Fan Thermal Grease VGA Compound Heatsink Plaster paste

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Thermal Grease


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Product introduction

Color: Grey
Thermal Conductivity:>4.8 w/m-K
Specific Gravity:2.3
Operation Temperature:-50~200℃
Penetration Degree:350 mm
Application:CPU Heat sink,GPU,LCD,LED,Electronics,Home Electronics and So On

Order Gift(Limited to buyers of follow Blanci Store):

1.scraper,used for smear thermal paste.

Smearing Steps

1.Clean up the surface.
2.Use Thermal Grease on the CPU/GPU surface center.
3.Using scraper or other tools to smear the thermal paste onto the CPU.
4.After coating the product,the thickness is based on A4 paper thickness.

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