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For Apple Pencil 2 Stylus Pen For iPad Pro 11 12.9 2020 9.7 2018 Air 3 10.2 2019 Mini 5 For iPad Pencil with Palm Rejection Pen

$74.99 $37.95

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Please check your iPad model,Only available for iPads launched in 2018/2019/2020

After receiving the product, please fully charge it before using it.

Designed for iPad 6th Gen, iPad Air 3rd Gen
iPad Mini 5th Gen and iPad Pro 11&12.9 3 Gen

Please note! ! !

If you are unable to confirm that your device is suitable for our product, please contact us before purchasing. Otherwise, the buyer will lose money due to the purchase error. The seller has the right not to bear this loss.

Aieach 2 Gen Pro Pencil VS Apple Pencil 2

1- Same nib VS Same nib

2- Upgraded nib, low latency, suitable for painting, small letters, meeting minutes VS More suitable for painting.

3- Gift 2 nibs VS Gift 1 nib

4- Compatible with 8 models VS compatible with 2 models

5- No need for Bluetooth VS Bluetooth connection

Aieach 2 Gen Palm Rejection Pencil

1.0MM fine nib
Support Palm Rejection feature
NO need for wearing gloves
Precise lines with no delays
20 Hours of play time
no need to zoom in to write small letters.

Palm Rejection Technology

Rest your palm comfortably on the screen while writing or drawing by this stylus pen, without any effect, don’t worry about leaving stray line. With this upgraded Pencil, you don’t have to wear the glove.

Stronger performance,lower price

Original Apple pencil 2 Gen $ 129
Aieach Palm Rejection Pencil $ 2x.xx

1.0mm Fine nib

1.0mm Hard silicone tip, more precise and sensitive,
7 nibs available for 10 years

High precise,Accurate,Smooth

Compared with other pen tips,The accuracy of nano carbon fiber tip is increased by 70% off

Collocation Screen Protector

Paper like screen protector — Provides paper-like writing feeling, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, and slows down the loss of pen tip.

Tempered glass — Improve the anti-scratch performance, protect the screen, increase the frictional resistance and make the Stroke more stable.

Tap the top Open switch

Touch control
No need to connect to Bluetooth

Let child learn painting easily

Only For 2018-2020 iPad

Ues it with hundreds of Apple Pencil supported apps.

Long time use

Our fully charged pencil can support 20 hours continous writing or 2 years standby time, 4 minutes charging support almost 1 hour writing. No need bluetooth connection, touch the cap button to activate the stylus, and enter “Sleep Mode” after 5 minutes idle to save power. (Charged by USB Type-C, Included)

Multi-national authority certification

The European Union, the United States, Japan and other countries authoritative certification, the quality is internationally recognized, and the quality is guaranteed.

Q:Can I use it without screen protection? Will it damage the screen?
A:If you are concerned that pencils will hurt your device screen, you can use a screen protector. This does not affect the normal operation of the pencil.

Q: Is this pencil the same as an apple pencil? Does it have the function of palm rejection? Is there any function of pressure sensitive control?
A:It is not the same as an apple pencil. It is more convenient than an apple pencil. You don’t have to connect to Bluetooth at all, you can work when you turn on the power. I can even write on multiple devices without disconnecting Bluetooth from another device. It has the ability to reject the palm, but does not have the function of pressure control. The store will even give you two extra pen tips and pencil cases. I can’t believe that there are so many gifts at such a low price. I will recommend this store to my friends.

Q:Hello, my device is iPad A1701. Which pencil is better for my device? 1 gen or 2 gen?
A:Oh, friend, your device is not compatible with this pencil. This pencil is not suitable for your device model. It only works with iPad models after 2018.

Q:Good evening, is this pencil suitable for my iPhone 11? At the same time, I also have a Samsung tablet, is it suitable for my device?
A: This pencil is not suitable for your Android device and iPhone. It only works with iPad models after 2018.

Q: What is the difference between 1 gen and 2 gen? Can they put their hands on the screen while they are writing?
A: The difference is that the power supply is switched differently. One is a push button power switch and the other is a touch power switch. Yes, this pencil can work on the screen.

Q: I noticed that this pencil can only be used on some iPad models, but I don’t know how to confirm my device model. Can anyone help me?
A: You can find the iPad code on the back of the device. The code is usually in the form of an A+4 digit. This pencil is only available for models after 2018. If you are not sure, you can contact the merchant. He will help you.

Brand Name


Application Screen

Capacitive Screen

Application Brands

For Apple







Model Number

For Apple Pencil 2



Feature 1

New upgrade 2 generation pencil

Feature 2

Hard silicone nib

Feature 3

Anti-Mistakenly touch pencil

Feature 4

Anti Scratch

Feature 5

No Delay Drawing Pen

Feature 6

Fine pencil tip

Feature 7

500000+ friction test, high durability

Feature 8

No need to connect to Bluetooth

Use time

20 hours

Full charge time

60-90 minutes

Standby time

90 days

Suitable for


Suitable model 1

For iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2018 3 generation

Suitable model 2

For iPad Pro 11 inch 2018

Suitable model 3

For iPad Air 10.5 inch 3 generation 2019

Suitable model 4

For iPad 2018 9.7 inch 6 generation

Suitable model 5

For iPad mini 7.9 inch 5 generation

Suitable for 1

For apple pencil 2

Suitable for 2

For iPad stylus pen

Suitable for 3

For iPad touch pen

Suitable for 4

For iPad pencil

Suitable for 5

For iPad tablet pen

Suitable for 6

For apple pen

Suitable for 7

For iPad touch screen pen

Suitable for 8

For iPad pen

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