Ergonomic Titanium Alloy Needle Derma Roller

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Titanium Alloy Gold Water-soluble Needle Facial Care Needle Automatic Water Outlet Into Manual Roller Needle with Glass Bottle

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Product Name: Titanium alloy gold water soluble needle Facial beauty needle roller Automatic water introduction manual roller needle with glass bottle

Name: Water-soluble needle


Ten characteristics of microneedle therapy:

1. Does not destroy the integrity of the skin structure;

2. Gradually treat deep toxins and wastes in the skin;

3. Establish a large number of skin micro-pipes to transport the base beauty products; (only takes 5 minutes to create more than 10,000 micro-holes);

4. Directly deliver the required active ingredients to the effective absorption site of the skin; the unique nano-complexed biological factors have a symptomatic effect, the purpose is clear, the effect is remarkable, and the penetration rate of the product components is hundreds of thousands times higher than that of the ordinary cosmetic products;

5. Stimulate skin\’s self-healing ability, maintain skin elasticity and beauty;

6. Activate cells, treat damaged tissues, directly participate in cell metabolism, and achieve considerable cosmetic results.

7. The unique bioactive ingredients accelerate the enhancement of cellular immunity, slow down skin aging, and maintain a young state for a long time;

8. Using the natural healing ability of the wound to induce the skin\’s own nutrition and collagen growth;

9. Simple operation, no trauma, also called “noon break beauty”;

10. It’s easy and simple, and you can see the changes in your skin in an instant.



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This package includes:

1 *Water-soluble microneedles


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