BIOAQUA Gold Eye Patches Mask Collagen Eye care GEL

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Net 140g/80 pieces


Help to moisturize and hydrate skin around eyes, warmly protect skin, make skin full of luster

Shelf life three years


Mild and fine comfortable and Bright

Moisturizing+Whitening Warmly care eyes Give you good “Skin color”

Firming skin rich osmanthus essence makes skin full of water

Smoothing&Tendering Replenish nourishment for skin around eyes

Embellishing&Nourishing Help to relieve wrinkles nourish skin makes eyes bright and charming


Mild care eyes

Does your eye-care begin?

Do you know?

As one grows older, women’s skin will decline after 25 years, the skin around eyes is very fragile and easy to be influenced!

Using cellphone using IPAD using computer

Multi-screen-light pollution

Urban women eyes crisis

Cellphone, computer, ipad… Modern women look at a variety of electronic screens, strong radiation, the eyes sore, and with skin aging.



Rich in osmanthus, nourishing and moisturizing, help to fade dark circle,edema.

Osmanthus extract

Help to solve skin problems around eyes, nourish skin, shape bright and charming eyes.

Extract botanical essence

Help to improving dry skin, make skin full of luster and charms


Repairing nourishing lastingly Osmanthus essence, help to remove wrinkles around eyes

Mild Botanical extract Natural&Mild Tender skin, eyes are bright and charming

Nourishing rich essence nourish skin shape elastic and smooth skin


Care the skin around eyes

Warmly protecting skin, return elastic skin, return skin luster


Originate natural essence nourishing skin

Extract natural element

Hydrating lastingly

Moisturizing & Locking water

Nourishing& Tendering skin

Contains rich essence

Nourishing skin around eyes

Every piece of eye mask with rich essence

Nourish lastingly and help to improve skin around eyes



Shape bright and charming eyes

01 botanical skincare natural nourishment nourish skin

02 skincare ingredient Osmanthus essence

03 bright and charming eyes

04 extract essence nourish and tender skin

05 rich essence nourishing & embellishing

06 Mild


Method of use

Step one. Cleanse skin, makes skin clean

Step two. Paste eye mask, press gently with fingers to be closer.

Step three. Take off the mask after 10-15 minutes, massage gently to help absorb, no need to washing again.



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