Bunion Corrector Toe Spreader Pedicure

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2Pcs 1Pair Gel Foot Care Tool Bunion Corrector Bone Big Toe Protector Hallux Valgus Straightener Toe Spreader Pedicure

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Gel Toe Separators StretchersRegain foot health by rinsing the toes in water and wearing them for 10 minutes. Regular use may help resolve common foot problems like hallux varus and hammer toe.

Super Soft Gel, comfortable to wear

One size fits left or right toe

Washable and reusable, diabetic-friendly

One size fits most

1.Feature:Toe separator in day use ,can be used in shoes.

2.Material: Silicone

3.Size:One size fits all

4.Used for: Relieve bunion pain and prevent the bunion from worsening.

5.color: White



Reduces toe and foot discomfort

Alleviates tension

Stretches and aligns toes

Increase circulation

Straighten bent toes

Realign joint

Improve balance

Improve foot strength

Bunion relief


Package including: 1pair=2pcs x Toe Separators

Size: Free size (7 * 5 * 2.2cm)

Package including:
1pairs * hallux valgus orthotics


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