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1S 2S 3S 4S 3A 20A 30A Li-ion Lithium Battery 18650 Charger PCB BMS Protection Board For Drill Motor Lipo Cell Module

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1S 3.7V 3A


1) high-accuracy voltage detection circuit;

2) terminal of the charger using high voltage device;

3) Built-in three-stage over-current detection circuit (over-current 1, over-current 2, load short circuit);

4) MOS transistor can control the battery charge and discharge;


Over charge voltage: 4.25±0.05V

Over charge release voltage:4.23±0.05V

Over discharge voltage:2.54±0.1V

Maximal continuous charging current: 2A

Maximal continuous Discharging current: 2A

Over current protection: 3A

Size: L40*W4*T3mm

2S 7.4V 3A


Short circuit protection
Overcharge protection
Over-discharge protection
Overcurrent protection
Overcharge Detection Voltage: 4.25-4.35V±0.05V
Over Discharge Detection Voltage: 2.3-3.0V±0.05V
Maximum Working Current: 3A
Transient Current: 5A
Operating Temperature: -40-50 degree
Internal Resistance: Less than 45m Ω
B+ B-: The interface of battery core
P+ P-: The connector of battery board
MB: The connection point between the batteries
B+: Battery V+ Positive
B-: Battery V- Negative
P+: Output / Charging V+
P-: Output / Charging V-
Size: Approx. 36x6x1mm/ 1.42″ x 0.24″ x 0.04″

3S 12.6V 20A


Module name: 3S 12.6V Li-ion Lithium Battery 18650 Charger Protection PCB Board
Suitable range: For nominal voltage 3.6V 3.7V lithium battery(Including 18650,26650, lithium polymer batteries)
Product Size: 64mmx20mmx3.4mm
Charging voltage: 12.6V
Maximum output current: 20A
Maximum output power / charging power: 252W


1.Strictly according to the diagram wiring: 0V/4.2V/8.4V/12.6V,Otherwise it will cause damage to the chip.
2.After connection,it need to first charge activation, then will have the output.


Do not mix the good battery and poor battery to use.
The internal resistance of 3 battery capacity are closer will be better.
Please buyers know the professional knowledge of this module before buying

4S 30A 16.8V

Module:4S Li-ion Lithium Battery Protection Board

overcharge detection voltage :4.25±0.025V

overcharge Lift the voltage:4.15±0.05V

over discharge detection voltage :2.50±0.08V

over discharge Lift the voltage:3.00±0.1V

overcurrent current:20-30A

working current:15A(Natural cooling 10.A, add heat sink 15A, the maximum instantaneous current 30A

Remove protection condition automatic recovery, without activation

Short circuit protection
Overcharge protection
Over-discharge protection
Overcurrent protection

operating temperature:-40-85


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