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1PCS 3590S series potentiometer 500 1K 2K 5K 10K 20K 50K 100K ohm 3590S-2-103L 3590S 101 102 103 104 201 202 203 501 502 503

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The following is the 3590S series to buy

part number Buy links part number Buy links
1pcs 3590S Precise Dial knob 6.35MM 5pcs 3590S Precise Dial knob 6.35MM
1pcs 3590S-2-101L 100ohm 5pcs 3590S-2-101L 100ohm
1pcs 3590S-2-102L 1K 5pcs 3590S-2-102L 1K
1pcs 3590S-2-103L 10K 5pcs 3590S-2-103L 10K
1pcs 3590S-2-104L 100K 5pcs 3590S-2-104L 100K
1pcs 3590S-2-201L 200ohm 5pcs 3590S-2-201L 200ohm
1pcs 3590S-2-202L 2K 5pcs 3590S-2-202L 2K
1pcs 3590S-2-203L 20K 5pcs 3590S-2-203L 20K
1pcs 3590S-2-501L 500ohm 5pcs 3590S-2-501L 500ohm
1pcs 3590S-2-502L 5K 5pcs 3590S-2-502L 5K
1pcs 3590S-2-503L 50K 5pcs 3590S-2-503L 50K



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