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1PC 15g Solid Perfume for Men Women Floral Portable Round Box Solid Perfume Edt Ept Balm Body Fragrance Skin Care Essential Oil

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1PC 15g Solid Perfume for Men Women Portable Round Box Solid Perfume Long-lasting Body Fragrance Skin Care Essential Oil

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It is commonly known as a solid perfume, which is a solid form of perfume.The main raw material of it is beeswax and essence.
The beeswax is solidat room temperature and contains free fatty acids, carotenoids,vitamin A and the like. It moisturizes and moisturizes very well, prevents wrinklesand aging, and is good for dry,wrinkled skin, revitalizing and radiant.

some common questions

1. What is the difference between it and perfume?

Even the same fragrancesand perfumes have subtle differences in their sense of smell.Since the main component of the it is oleoresin, the body temperature will- volatilize and the aroma will last for3 to 4hours. The main ingredient of many perfumes is the essence. The invention of aroma shows aprocess from strong to thin, which is different from the slow and uniform release of balsam.

2. What is the duration of the scent?

The concentration of it is light-flavored, which maintains the elegant taste ofthe fragrance

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