3 Magnet 3D Magnetic Eyelashes Magnet Lashes

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3 Magnet 3D Magnetic Eyelashes Magnet Lashes Thicker Reusable False Eyelashes Handmade No Glue Eye Lashes Makeup Kit 4pcs/pair

Usage of magnetic eyelashes:

1. Put the outer layer of false eyelashes on the real eyelashes 2. Put the inner layer of false eyelashes under the real eyelashes the false eyelashes will attached to the real eyelashes like sandwich biscuits, and the whole process does not need to use any glue. The magnetic eyelashes is reusable! Warm tips: 1. The quality of this product is very good, you may need some practice to put them on at the first tiem. If you can\’t put them on, please ask friends for help. 2. If you mastered the skills of how to put them on, the effect is good. please don\’t leave bad feedback if you don\’t master the skills. 3. It will be difficult to put the eyelashes on at the first time, if you mind it. please don\’t order. thank you so much for your understanding.


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